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92% reduction in
revenue recognition time
Seamless integration with
CRM, time/expense & more
Global solution manages
multi-currency transactions


A leading SaaS company from the San Francisco Bay Area struggled with revenue recognition as its customer base grew. Quickbooks and Excel were not longer up to the task, but they didn’t want to move away from existing applications like Salesforce, Concur, and Adaptive Insights.

  • Painful revenue recognition
    Revenue recognition was becoming increasingly time-consuming and painful using spreadsheets with more than 100,000 lines as the business grew to more than 95,000 corporate customers across 188 countries.
  • Deeper cloud integration needed
    There was a need to streamline critical business processes by integrating NetSuite OneWorld with other cloud solutions.


The NetSuite cloud solution enabled the company to replace its on-premise software with NetSuite ERP, used by 60 employees, helping it become a 100% cloud-based business.

NetSuite OneWorld makes it easy to integrate with Concur’s time and expense management,’s CRM, and Adaptive Insights’ budgeting and forecasting.


This leading provider of electronic signature solutions has streamlined key business processes by selecting NetSuite. First, they integrate NetSuite’s cloud ERP with other cloud solutions for budgeting and forecasting, billing, CRM, and time and expense management—which was not practical with its previous solution. The move helped its drive to being a 100% cloud-based business.

The company reduced revenue recognition time to several hours a month with NetSuite, versus nine days previously. Their finance team also reduced the monthly financial close time from 15 days to 10 days with NetSuite.

NetSuite OneWorld gives the company a global business solution to manage subsidiaries in several countries around the world and multi-currency transactions in the Euro; British pound; Brazilian real; and the dollars of America, Australia, and Canada. This transparency into currency conversions has given new confidence in calculations.

"NetSuite is a very robust, very complete solution that we've integrated with our other SaaS applications to improve efficiency end to end—that's been a huge improvement."

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