Major league baseball teamNetSuite hits home run for team with improved forecasting

baseball stadium
Vastly improved
sales-lead tracking
Better analytics to target
packages & improve sales
Customization to create
new ticket varieties


A Major League Baseball team was struggling with outdated software which caused errors and wasted time in processing and forecasting ticket sales. They decided to research both NetSuite and

  • Inaccurate data
    Ticket sales were suffering because of errors in lead tracking and a lack of fresh data for sales forecasting.
  • No internal sales management
    Sales management couldn’t track the activities of sales representatives, so they couldn’t avoid embarrassment of multiple sales calls on the same customer.
  • Damaged relationships
    Advertiser relationships were damaged by errors in radio and publication promotions that mistakenly excluded some key sponsors.


The sports team chose NetSuite over and other solutions largely because of NetSuite’s efficiency and flexibility.

Automated NetSuite reports make it easy for the team to see which specific sponsors should be included with ballclub promotions. NetSuite is also being used to compile a database of fans’ buying habits so the team can develop even more effective marketing programs in the future.


The pro sports team has greatly improved sales-lead tracking and management, while reducing the wasted time and the errors caused by the old method. They offer better-targeted ticket packages because analytics are delivering superior information on customer buying habits and preferences.

NetSuite’s customization capabilities make it easy for the team to create new varieties of ticket bundles for closer customer targeting, and automated sponsor lists have improved advertiser relations by including all relevant sponsors in each ballclub promotion.

"NetSuite's top-tier service and scalability allow us to make changes that positively impact our performance, products, and keep our business moving forward."

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