Verity Solutions has adopted certain frameworks and methodologies to help you select, build, deploy, and optimize cloud software solutions. We’re often asked what it might look like to work with Verity. This explains the general process of many of our projects. Sometimes we may only engage with a client for part of this process, i.e. helping a client optimize a NetSuite configuration after it’s already live.

The Verity process

  • Phase Zero


    A successful implementation starts in the planning. We call this "Phase Zero." The purpose is to discuss the strategic questions that will guide the rest of the journey.

    Some of the topics of conversation will include: Is our company ready to shift to the cloud? What are the right applications for my organization? What does the sales process look like? What types of data need conversion? How many records are there?

    This phase will normally conclude with the purchase of selected applications.

  • Phase One

    Define & Discover

    The discovery phase is structured to explain the implementation processes and work together to outline a general framework. Its purpose is to build a tactical plan.

    During this phase, we will usually define system requirements, prioritize the order of work, create or audit process maps, discuss legacy data and data conversion, work on a high-level schedule, address risk management, and form a master blueprint for the next phase. This process is bi-directional; you're learning more about your chosen applications such as NetSuite while we understand more about your business and goals.

  • Phase Two


    We'll guide you through the various steps of implementing and configuring cloud software solutions. Using our VerityChange™ framework, we will assist with overcoming each phase's technical and organizational hurdles.

    We also offer a number of consulting services to make this transition smooth such as change leadership, process improvement, or program management. These are the types of services Verity is known for with global brands like Juniper Networks, VMware, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Phase Three


    The optimization phase is all about ensuring your cloud solutions are running the best they can. It's like a health check for your systems. This may include refining business processes, data auditing, control and monitoring checks, user license audits and recommendations, or finding ways within software to reduce clicks and complexity. By digging into this level of detail, we may offer additional features, customizations, integrations, or workflows to improve your organization.

  • Phase Four

    Training & Support

    Each organization has unique requirements and goals. Verity can customize a training program to help on-board your team and make the transition process smoother and faster. Training can occur online, on-site, or in a hybrid approach.

On-demand video tour

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