Why buy NetSuite with Verity?

Verity is an official NetSuite Solutions Provider. This means we act like a VAR, or value-added reseller.

The question many people have is, “Why would I purchase from a VAR when I can buy direct through NetSuite?” Here are four reasons why!

1. It costs the same as buying direct

One might reasonably assume that because of the “value added” benefits a partner like Verity offers, it is more expensive than purchasing directly through NetSuite. This is not the case.

Your license costs, discounts, and terms are the same as purchasing direct. (Otherwise there wouldn’t be many happy solution providers). What happens is your contract is still between you and NetSuite, but negotiated with the Verity Solutions team on your behalf. Would you rather go through that process blind or with a team experienced negotiating these types of contracts?

2. We’re in the solutions business, not license sales

Verity Solutions is staffed by consultants experienced working for Fortune 1000 companies. We know how to get stuff done. Our goal is to provide you exactly what you need to accomplish your mission, and nothing more. We don’t have license quotas or other mechanisms that might hinder our ability to provide the best advice to our clients.

3. Receive independent advice

Can you really bet a large investment of time and resources on the advice of someone who makes the same product he’s selling? Verity Solutions is a cloud solutions provider representing multiple companies and solutions. What the ideal ERP is for one organization may be a mistake for another. With Verity, you get honest feedback and help choosing the right application, not a proprietary one.

4. Verity Solutions represents an award-winning team

Verity Solutions is the software solutions arm of Verity Consulting, which has been named one of the “Seven Small Jewels” by Consulting Magazine. This honor is reserved for a handful of remarkable firms that have displayed high revenue growth and extraordinary results. The previous year, less than 4% of applying firms received the award.

You will receive the same expertise and work ethic that has received national attention. We look forward to delivering results for you.

On-demand video tour

Watch an online video that demonstrates the capabilities of the NetSuite platform.

I have used Verity on many strategic projects, including a NetSuite CRM/ERP implementation. For critical projects, I wouldn’t choose another firm.

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