NetSuite pricing

When researching NetSuite and comparing options, it can be challenging to find data about how much NetSuite costs. As an official NetSuite Solution Provider, we aren’t allowed to post pricing on our website. But even if we could, it wouldn’t be very helpful.

The reason is that NetSuite pricing varies greatly depending on the specific needs of your organization. By working with a Verity Solutions consultant, you can explain your requirements and we will provide a demo tailored to your situation as well as a customized pricing proposal.

NetSuite uses a subscription model, so you purchase a general license for access to the web software as well as licenses for each user. The subscription can be renewed annually or over longer periods.

How much does NetSuite cost?

The final price for NetSuite depends on a number of factors including:

  • Product configuration
  • Total number of users (seats)
  • Additional feature modules
  • Contract length (1-5 years)

That being said, as a general baseline NetSuite pricing starts at $999/month with general user licenses listed at $99/month. For more information about pricing for your organization, please contact us for an estimate and we’ll be happy to quickly uncover what we need to provide a customized quote.

NetSuite purchase process

  • Step 1

    NetSuite test drive

    Whether you are already leaning towards NetSuite or are still researching, request a demo with us to get a feel for the interface and capabilities. We'll also set you up with a free 14-day trial to experiment and show your team.

    Verity Solutions works on your behalf to make sure your questions are answered and your needs are understood. This process is bi-directional; you're learning about NetSuite while we understand more about your business and goals.

  • Step 2

    License decision

  • Step 3

    Setup & preparation

    The next step is to schedule a meeting for us to initiate the implementation process. We'll answer any remaining questions about NetSuite, and then we'll go over the steps for implementation and discuss some helpful resources.

  • Step 4

    Implementation kick-off

    Using our VerityChange™ framework, we will assist with overcoming each phase's technical and organizational hurdles. We also offer a number of consulting services to make this transition smooth such as change leadership, process improvement, or program management. These are the types of services we're known for with global brands like Juniper Networks, VMware, or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

On-demand video tour

Watch an online video that demonstrates the capabilities of the NetSuite platform.

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